I started racing in 1975 at 12 for Verulam Cycling Club in St Albans as a schoolboy, I raced untill 1980 when work and girls got in the way.  After marriage and children I came back to cycling in 1996, how hard could it be … well it was an eye opener.

I joined the Icknield RC and started racing and rapidly improved again, got made redundant got divorced and improved even more.  I eventually moved to Milton Keynes with my new partner in 2000 and joined the same club as my brother the North Bucks Road Club.

In Aug 2006 I bought a 1978 racing tandem off Rina Brown one of only 3 Rondinella tandems made, and have made small incremental changes each year since.

Changed club to Team MK to ride with tandem partners Geoff Perry and Ian Marshall.  We have always planned to target some indoor VTTA track records as it’s a track tandem, so will be looking to ride Derby some time in the future.

Plan are when funds permit to buy a new custom carbon aero tandem. (A Filament Carbon aero looks promising) and having just replaced my Pinarello Montello, with a Canyon Speedmax, so with my new club kit and some Aerocoach sessions, I plan on updating some solo PBs.

Plans for next year VTTA champs at 10, 15, 25 and 30 assuming doesn’t clash with anything already booked next year.  So hopefully update some of PB’s next year and maybe a couple of National age records.  Hoping to ride the V718 next year as it’s a long way for us for a 10, the F11/10 is only 35 mins away.

Age: 56

Lives: Milton Keynes

Occupation: Company Director

Discipline: Time Trial

PBs (Tandem): 10 -19.13 with Ian Marshall 19.32 with Geoff (Although done on a quicker day with Ian) – Looking for that elusive 18.
15 – 29.37 with Ian, 30.13 with Geoff, although Tri bars changed so not sure how much faster they are yet. (both VTTA National age records)
25 – 50.02 with Ian, 49.37 With Geoff (VTTA national age record) Looking to go back under 50 mins targeting a 48.
30 – 1.05.21 National VTTA champs 2011, was really windy, haven’t ridden one since, but people were many many minutes slower than normal.
50 My one and only 50 was in 1978, I’m still recovering from it.

PB’s (Solo): 10 – 21.25 (2013), 25 – 57.48 (2006), last time i rode a solo 25 …

2018 Targets: VTTA Championships at 10,15,25 & 30 miles.