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I started out doing triathlon as a way to cope with the expanding
waistline of my early 30s, but never progressed above sub-average.
Then in 2012 I found out that I was going to be a dad, which would put
an end to 5:30am swim sessions (hooray) and decided to give up
triathlon and concentrate on just bike racing to make the most of
limited training time. Dabbled a bit in cyclocross, but found that
time trialling suited me best, and haven’t looked back.

Age: 39

Lives: Austrey

Occupation: Software engineer

Discipline: TT

PBs: 10 miles – 19:52, 25 miles – 53:14, 50 miles –1:55:27

2017 Targets:

January sees me under the surgeon’s knife for a knee operation which could leave me off the bike until April, having not trained since November last year. As such, 2017 will probably be about rebuilding with 2018 in mind. I’ll certainly aim to race in 2017 but might focus on some difference races and distances.



Winning Team of the VTTA Midlands Harry Farrell Shield


16th VTTA (North Mids) 10 Mile Time Trial Championship