I learnt to ride a bike age 15, my dad bought me a bike, I had it for 3 months and like all bikes on our estate it was stolen.
At school I swam, I was my sisters pacer but on the whole I was the dumpy one that was picked last being completely uncoordinated.
The next time I rode a bike was age 40 (2005), when I was persuaded to try a road bike with my feet clipped in!!!
I did a sprint triathlon in April 2008 and entered IMUK in 2009 coming third. I wanted to show my children that you could do anything, especially my daughter who had had difficulties with mobility early in her life
In 2010 I entered IM Lanzarote trying to qualify but coming 12th getting heatstroke, I’d travelled there alone and getting through the medical tent still standing was my biggest challenge because I wanted to be on the flight home to my children not on a drip in hospital, I was very ill and in retrospect it was not a safe situation.
I had secretly also entered IMUK in August, a bit mad doing another so soon but I drove myself into the ground and its where I qualified for the Worlds by winning my age group….so there was to be another Ironman race in October that year but in sunny Hawaii. It was to be the first holiday the children and I had in 5 years, we had had a rough time and had just moved house. I used the money I had for an extension to the house to get us to Kona, it was amazing. It was the Year Chrissie Wellington had to pull out on the morning of the race due to illness, we joked that she knew I was there.
In between all that for training I did London, Stratford and Berlin Marathons, several half marathons and half Ironman races and a lot of swimming open water and cross country running.
I had already entered the double Ironman for 2011 but due to Hip dysplasia had to pull out thats when I found my first 24 hour TT, a hilly one, in Sussex in July that year as an alternative where I came second.
The following year (2012) I came third in the 24hr and planned in 2013 to do both 24hour TT’s in prep to do Race Around Ireland.
Unfortunately during a race in April 2013 I was ill and had to have two years off any training and off the bike.
I got back on the bike properly in January 2015, thanks to Andy, and entered the 24hour thinking it would be good training ready for being back to riding properly in 2016.
To get a silver medal on only 6 months back on the bike and despite collapsing during the race was brilliant.
In 2011 when I did my first 24hour I was and still am in awe of Lynney, I always wanted to see if I could do LEJOG in three days, just to see how far I could push myself, the record will always be Lynney’s. I still want to do that, to see how far I can go, LEJOG and Race Around Ireland are still on my list…cheaper than the RAAM lol but life gets in the way and I’m not prepared at the moment to make the sacrifices that I did to get to Kona.


1st National 100 Mile Championship Team
1st National 12 Hour Championship Team
1st National 24 Hour Championship Team (2nd Title)
6th National 24 Hour Championship
CTT National 24 Hour Age Group Champion

1st National 24 Hour Championship Team (1st Title)
4th National 24 Hour Championship
CTT National 24 Hour Age Group Champion (50-54)
2nd National 24 Hour VTTA Women on Standard

2nd National 24 Hour Championship