Chris Melia v2

Even before joining the team, Chris always described herself as someone who was ‘born to bike’. One of her earliest memories, at the age of three, is of riding up and down the road where she lived, determined to master the two wheeler bike that was so big she had to stand to reach both the pedals and handlebars!

In her 20s she rode for Mersey Roads, taking part in a number of long distance events and finishing as the first woman on the tough Wild Wales Challenge. Eventually however the pressures of a demanding career caused her to switch to running where she competed at marathon and half marathon distances for over 20 years. Perhaps inevitably, as Chris reached her late 40s, she realised that she was spending more time injured than actually training, so she decided that she needed to make the time and the commitment to switch back to her first love – cycling. 

Encouraged by finishing as first woman in two hilly sportives in 2014, Chris decided to give time trialling a go in 2015. In her first season, aged 51, she competed in eleven events, achieving nine ‘podium places’ including three wins, four second places and two thirds. Her best 25 mile time of 55:59 placed her 55th on the Time Trialling Forum’s Fastest Riders Of All Time list.

Maintaining a structured training programme, whilst doing a demanding job that involves lots of travel, takes plenty of planning and a firm resolve. Chris can often be found at 6am peddling frantically on her turbo in a hotel car park or the garage of a bed and breakfast. She now considers that lugging all her heavy kit in and out of her car and up and down flights of hotel stairs several times a week is a valuable upper body workout!
Entering her second season as a new Born To Bike team member, her goals are to achieve age category places in the CTT National Championships and to try her hand (and legs) at a longer 100 mile race. She is enjoying being part of a strong women’s team and being able to benefit from the substantial collective knowledge about time trialling. 

Age: 54

Lives: Sheffield

Occupation: Management Consultant for economists AMION Consulting

 Discipline: Time Trials

PB’s: 10 miles – 21:21, 25 miles – 54:58, 50 miles – 01:52:24, 100 miles – 3:55:41

2018 Targets:



VTTA National Age Record Holder – 10 Miles (21:33 – Age 54)


1st CTT BBAR Team
1st VTTA Women’s 3 Distance Champion
1st VTTA Women on Standard – National 30 Miles
1st VTTA Women on Standard – National 50 Miles
6th VTTA Overall on Standard – National 50 Miles
VTTA National Age Record Holder – 10 Miles (21:26 – Age 53)
VTTA National Age Record Holder – 25 Miles (54:58 – Age 53)
VTTA National Age Record Holder – 30 Miles (1:09:53 – Age 53)
VTTA National Age Record Holder – 100 Miles (3:55:41 – Age 53)
1st VTTA Team – 3 Distance Club Team (Doreen Hugill Memorial Shield)
1st VTTA Women 3 Distance Winner – Brambleby Cup


1st National 50 Mile Championship Team
7th National 50 Mile Championship
15th National 25 Mile Championship
3rd Welsh National 25 Mile Championship
VTTA Age Record Holder – 10 Miles (21:24 – Age 52)
VTTA Age Record Holder – 25 Miles
VTTA Age Record Holder – 50 Miles (1:52:24 – Age 52)


Winner of the VTTA North Midlands 50 Mile trophy
Winner of the VTTA North Midlands BBAR Short Distance Trophy
Winner of the VTTA North Midlands Susie Denham Cup
Winner of the Sheffrec 25 Mile Handicap Trophy