Derny Saturday at Derby!

Julie Scales
Lynney Biddulph


This weekend will see most of the Born to Bike Track team in action at Derby Arena, where they will spend most of the night riding around 250 metres of fine Siberian timber chasing six 2-stoke Derny motorbikes!  It really doesn’t get any better than this!



Dave Ellis
Steve Biddulph


Some of the team took part in the first event ran last month and the buzz of this soon spread throughout the team.  In action this weekend we have 10 of the team occupying nearly half of the field of riders.



Allan Williams
Mark Love


Coming back for more pain and punishment since last months bash are: Julie Scales, Lynne Biddulph, Dave Ellis, Mark Love, Allan Williams and Steve Biddulph.



Sean Sleigh
Vicky Webb

Sean Sleigh & Vicky Webb also features in this weekends instalment after missing out on the first race meeting.  Sean was called up by Team GB track team to look after them at their successful World Track Championship campaign in Apeldoorn, Holland.

Vicky makes a welcome return back to the track (after a short break in Mallorca!) and will settle in for her first Derny race.

Libby McLaren
Bob Awcock


Making their debut, not only at competitive track racing but also first time chasing onto the back of a Derny, will be Libby McLaren and Bob Awcock;  You guys will love it!




Eddie Smith & Alan Davies


Missing in Action (MIA) from the Madison Series (which is run concurrently with the Derny Series) will be Alan Davies and his partner in crime Wayne “Eddie” Smith.  Don’t feel too sorry for them though as they are jetting off to warmer climates for a couple of weeks.




Mel Dobbins


A big shout out also goes out to Mel Dobbins, who will be MIA for the next few weeks while she recovers from an shoulder operation.  The team wishes you a speedy recovery Mel and you’ll soon be back inflicting pain on the rest before you know it!



Action starts at 1800hrs last Derby Arena and will conclude at around 2130-220hrs:


Main Events List is as follow:

Race 1: Madison Scratch Race (80 Laps)

Race 2: Derny Heats 1-4

Race 3: Madison Points Race (100 Laps)

Race 4: Derny minor FINAL (40 Laps)

Race 5: Derny Ride off (30 Laps) (13-18th place)

Race 6: Women’s Derny FINAL (30 Laps)

Race 7: Derny FINAL (40 Laps)