BtB & No Pinz

So half way through the 2016 season we announced (and we are very lucky) to be supported by No Pinz for the outstanding custom design of all of our teams Nopinz AeroCoach “ATS™” “TripSuit” which is the most versatile and fastest skinsuit available that not only helped us to save those valuable watts but also win 2 x National Individual Championship titles (12 & 24hr), 4 x National Team Championship titles (50, 100 mile, 24hr & BBAR), 6 x National Age Group Champions, 5 VTTA National Age Records and 4 National LVRC Track medals to name just a few.

We are very pleased to announce that No Pinz will be supporting the team throughout the 2017 season and beyond.  New for this season, we are delighted to have Blake and Harry at No Pinz design not only our Trip and Super suits but also all of our race clothing line including the new introduction of our ‘white’ training kit!

All of BtB’s race kit and more can be viewed on No Pinz new website Club No Pinz

Fantastic customer service, excellent products and a speedy turn around on all orders make No Pinz the number one choice for BtB.

Lynne Biddulph, Libby McLaren, Jackie Hobson, Sue Semple, Chris Melia, Katja Rietdorf


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