It’s Time! the BDCA 10 is here.

BorntoBike Racing Team was first formed back in 2010 and celebrates it’s 6th year at the very top level of the sport.  The last 6 years have seen the team grow, shrink, grow again and now expand into very talented ladies and men team who all share one passion…..’cycling’.

Due to the size of the team over recent years we have not been able to put anything back into our sport that we love.  During the weekend from Spring to Autumn we are often found whizzing along Dual Carriageways, urban roads and malingering in village halls jumping at every opportunity to ride other clubs open time trials and take advantage of others kind support of giving up their spare time to run events so that we can race in them.

Now the team boasts 12 ladies and 7 men its time to give something back to the TT community!  Together with our close friends at Stafford RC ( we are very proud and extremely excited to jointly host our first 10 mile time trial in conjunction with the Burton, District Cycling Alliance (BDCA) at Etwall, Derbyshire on Saturday 16th April 2016.

Riders from both BtB & Stafford Road Club (SRC) are able to both first ride in the event and then later on you will see most of them either back on the course tactically positioned at a roundabout or turn, serving up a hot brew back in the HQ or ensuring that the results are sent through and displayed for riders to see.

BtB are pleased to have the following riders in the event:

Ladies:  Katja Rietdorf #2, Lynney Biddulph #5, Sue Semple #10, Libby McLaren #12, Clare Campbell-Smith #13 & Chris Melia #22

Men:  John McLaren #26, Dave Pemberton #29, John Cornfield #33, Ian Manders #35, Bob Awcock #38 & Steve Biddulph #132

Riders to watch out for from our friends at Stafford RC:

Martin Tolley #28, David Pugh #31, James Hadden #39, Melvyn Lewis #43, Paul Taylor #44, Roger Morris #64 & Alastair Semple #96

Many thanks in advance must go to all the other marshals, supporters and volunteers whom have helped and will continue to do so to ensure that this event may become an annual meeting that all riders will want to compete in.

A start sheet for the even can be found at the link below:

BDCA 10 – Start Sheet




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